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Did you say you want to Communicate?  STOP Talking.  Listen up.

Here are some key tips…

I listened to a training by veteran network marketer, Tim Sales, over and over until I memorized these key concepts.  As I listened to live training this week from someone in my main company, I realized these are principles that serve us well in any communication, whether a personal relationship, a sales prospect, or any time we are wanting to hear and be heard.

I’ll share 5 today and the other 5 tomorrow.
Click Here to see #6-10 of these qualities.  (As a matter of fact, #10, is the most important of all.)

It’s so important, I’m going to put it up front:

Have the clear intention that your communication has the purpose to make the person’s life better.

That ONE clear intention has made an enormous difference for me.  My whole life has been about deepening my personal development in everything I do, so even as an entrepreneur, leading with my heart, making a difference is crucial.

1.  Be genuinely interested in the person you’re talking with.  Does that sound like, “Well, Duh?”

You’d be surprised how often I feel like someone is calling me or even writing a chat, just waiting to pounce on me to tell or sell me something.

Most people hate sales because they remember being on the receiving end of that and don’t want to be like that.  If you love what you do and have a genuine interest in learning about someone, it’s way more fun to meet them.

2.  Don’t be distracted by anything, or talk while the person is distracted.

Have you ever tried to have an intimate conversation with your spouse or child with the TV blaring in the background?  It’s incredibly unsatisfying for both.  If the distraction can’t be paused or removed, then make a date to get back together at an undistracting time or place.

This also shows that both the person and the communication you are making is important.

When I’m talking with someone who needs more attention than I can give, I’ll say I have X amount of time, so that I can pay attention for that time, instead of thinking how I can get away.  Or, I’ll make a date for a different time.

3.  Have a sincere friendly expression on your face.  Even when you’re on the phone.  ESPECIALLY when you’re on the phone.

People only hear 7% of the words you’re speaking.  Most of what they hear is communicated non-verbally by the way you’re saying it.  I always have a smile on my face and warmth in my voice, even when I’m being all business and very direct.  Have you ever hear someone read a script as if they just learned a foreign language?

Following a script can be fine, if one is familiar with the script and facial expressions match the words.

Which of these two people would you rather be talking with and listening to what they want?
(That’s a bit of a loaded question, I know, since I’m on the left.)  But, seriously, Smiling Sharon or Serious Sourpuss?

4.  I’ve heard people talk about having posture–that doesn’t mean being rude or belligerent.  You want to cultivate the right amount of assertiveness, which comes naturally when you’re clear about the purpose of the conversation and have a sincere interest in the person.

People like clarity.  They follow a leader.  They hear uncertainty in your voice.  Even if you’re brand new, you don’t have to know all the details, you just have to have the clarity that your purpose.  (We’ll cover some purposes in Friday’s blog.)

5.  Communicate with ease.  Let go any hesitation, tension, or strain.  After all, what you have to speak about is important.  You have no attachment to the outcome, just to communicating clearly.

Comment below if you’d like any clarification of these points, or some assistance with your own communication.

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