What Vision Gets Your Juices Flowing?

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Does your vision make you want to cry, does it get your juices flowing?

People think I’m crazy at almost 70 years old to be building a business.

What they really are thinking is crazy is the ginormous vision that I have.  

I’ve led an extraordinary life and most of it I’ve been pretty much able to do anything I wanted.

In my 30’s, after leaving a tenured (guaranteed income for life) teaching job, to start over typing on Wall St. seemed pretty crazy to most people.

I was more focused on understanding this strange world and getting over the prejudices I realized that I carried about corporate America than I was on making money.

I was fascinated by this world of finance.  I brought to it my intelligence that got their attention as I helped them write better reports that I was typing.  It wasn’t long before I was being trained to analyze bond issues and write reports myself.  I was so neutral about the money, that I found myself operating from a well of confidence and strength I didn’t know I had.

Initially, my vision was simply to understand this foreign (to me) culture, and overcome blind prejudice inside me.

I was humbled and loved the learning process.

I’ll never forget that first prospectus that could have been written in Greek for all I understood.  I would study it and think, “If I knew what this word meant, I would understand the sentence.  If I knew what this sentence meant, I would understand the paragraph.”  So, I wrote down the words like “Assessed Value” and “Market Value” and various ways of calculating taxes–it was all totally foreign to this special education elementary school teacher.

I would compile this list of questions and take them into my boss, who was kind of sleazy and was willing to teach me because he hired me for $12,000/ year, no overtime (half my teaching income at the time).  Within a couple of months he realized how good I was.

My point is that I wanted to learn, I did what it took, and because my purpose was not just about the money, I found myself changing jobs, doubling my income within months and every year for many years because I realized that was the game and how they valued me.

As an entrepreneur I am always a student.  When I started in my first MLM, it was a disaster, but I wouldn’t quit until I had proven to myself that I could do it if I wanted to.  I was still in the mode of doubling my income every year (though doubling the tiny amount I started with was not really enough to keep me out of debt).

I was horrible at sales, horrible at prospecting, even when I found another dream direct sales company in personal development.  At first I would make 500 calls to make even one sale.  I eventually got to 3%, but I never achieved the 10-25% sales I saw a few others make.  What I was really good at, was helping people find their vision, their dream, their why to go to the next level.  So, over 50% of those $1,500 sales turned into $13,000 and $20,000 sales.  I earned 100’s of $1,000’s in that company, until the company fell apart.

My vision with that company was helping people with personal development skills and leading from the front.  There was no team building there.  And no residual income, but I still earned over 6 figures each year.

My vision has expanded…and shrunk at the same time.  I intend to create massive wealth and build a foundation that leaves a legacy.  It would take pages to share how I see that.  The most important focus, though, is one by one, helping individuals realize their dreams, whether to make enough to make a car payment or a mortgage payment, or fund their kids’ education…or to build a legacy along with me.

Before that foundation, is making a difference with my family, my own future secure, along with my 3 older living sisters, my nieces, nephews, and their kids.

I start with the end in mind.  How many people do I need to help to achieve that huge ginormous vision?  And break that down to how many people per day do I need to connect with, whether by phone, or internet, or on the street.  It’s not about sales, so much as reaching out and creating a legacy building family that I know, love, trust, and make a difference in their family’s lives for years to come.

How am I going to do all this starting at almost 70 years old?  One step at a time.  With urgency, clarity, conviction.  This train is moving and I am taking as many people with me who are willing to believe in themselves and their future.

Why should you care?

That passion, that vision is what makes me unstoppable.  When I hit a wall, I find a way over, under, around, or through, but I have no possibility of failure because I will always get up, dust myself off, and move towards my vision.

Do you have a vision? Do you have something that makes your juices flow? Do you know what you want?

Most people don’t know what moves them enough to go the distance.  That’s where mentors, skills, resources make a difference for you.

I don’t believe people are lazy.  I believe they are lost, unfocused, afraid, lulled into a sleepy resignation.


To your success, Sharon

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p.p.s.  If I can do this, so can YOU!

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