What If Consistency Is Over Rated?

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Have you been told that Consistency is Everything?


What if there were a way you could get consistent results to build your home based business without necessarily being consistent every single day?

My mother literally smoked a carton of cigarettes per day.  That’s 10 packs.  (Granted, a whole carton probably cost what a pack does today.)  There were half smoked Pall Malls in ashtrays all over the house.

She used to say, “I can quit smoking any time I want:  I’ve done it 100’s of times.”  Since she didn’t see the flaw in her logic, her failure to quit permanently didn’t determine her self esteem.

Have you ever started something with the intention of a daily practice that fizzled?  You’re not alone.

What happens?  For most people, they beat themselves up about being inconsistent, which escalates to getting frozen, and finally they quit altogether.

Consistency is great, but what if you just can’t get into the rhythm of dailiness?   If you keep breaking promises to yourself, it can eat away at your self esteem and be very disheartening.

There are a lot of moving parts to building a business.  For many people it’s overwhelming.  Things fall by the wayside when putting all the pieces together on a daily basis to build a list of prospective customers or build a team.  It’s not surprising they start over over and over, or just give up altogether–like my mother quitting her smoking habit.

Imagine a way to put yourself on track regularly, so that consistency per se were no longer the Holy Grail.

It would be great to stop feeling bad about yourself and move towards your goals without that cycle of self paralysis.

How about a way to get more done in 90 minutes than most people get in 90 hours?

One of the advantages of working for yourself is being able to set your own hours.  You can work your schedule around your family, or around your job if you still have one, around your life.  Your life does have a rhythm to it.

There are probably some special crunch times that make it even more difficult to stay with your Consistency intentions. You know what that pattern is for you.

It might be that at the beginning of the month, you have more meetings, which gobble up your time.  Or, in the middle of the month you start to feel behind and the paralysis tends to kick in.  Or the end of the month is super crunch busyness and disappears without meeting those goals you set for yourself.

Since you know already that you probably won’t be able to have consistency every single day, how about planning for it in advance?  You can get more done in a 90 minute purposeful blitz than most people do in 90 hours.

Here are 5 steps we’ll go through learned from one of my mentors and master marketer, Kate McShea, to be able to stay on track no matter what:

  1. Pick a date for your blitz
  2. Pick a profit making action
  3. Plan out the ingredients of the action
  4. Produce, focus, execute
  5. Set a timer, close the door


#1.  Pick a date.

Set the date and the time on your calendar.  You don’t miss doctor’s appointments. or appointments with your kid’s teacher.  Make this an important appointment with yourself that won’t be broken.

#2. Pick a profit making action

If you’re an entrepreneur, there are profit making actions that take you to your goal.  If you are writing a blog, you want to create content regularly.  If you’re a video marketer, you want to produce videos daily.  If you’re building a list, you’re probably sending out emails regularly.  If you’re building a team you’re calling your leads.

In a 90 minute blitz you could crank out 5-10 videos at once.  You could call 100 leads, even without a Speedialer.  You could write a series of emails about the videos or blog posts you’re making.  You could write 2-5 blog posts.

BTW, what’s not profit producing is watching a webinar, chit- chatting with friends on Facebook, or trolling your emails, so those are off limits during your scheduled blitz time.

#3.  Plan out the ingredients of the action.   This step is critical to your success.

If you’re going to focus on making videos, you can outline a series at once.  Set up the camera and the lighting.

If you’re going to make calls, be sure to have your list handy, or uploaded into a speedialer.

If you’re planning to write blog posts, do your research. Outline the main points you’ll be covering.  Get any graphic images ready to go before your allotted time.

In other words, anything you can do to prepare in advance makes this blitz work better.  Set up a separate time to be sure everything is in place to be able to get in the “Zone” to power through for 90 uninterrupted minutes.

#4.  Produce, focus, execute.

Now you’re into your 90 minute blitz.  Let others know you’re not available except for life threatening emergencies.  Turn off the phone.  Get out of Facebook, Twitter and email.

#5.  Close the door and be brutal at stopping intrusions.  Set a kitchen timer or your watch.  Work through unstoppably for 90 straight minutes.  Then stop and celebrate your success.

Sure, we know that all goals are achieved more gracefully if they’re done consistently.

And imagine if twice a month, or once a week you were able to create a backlog of content.  This way, if one day you don’t get it done, you can draw on this reserve.  What would that do for your self esteem?  What would that do for your business?

There’s another element to make these 5 tips  useful to you.  You need an audience to share all this great content that you’re producing consistently.  What makes this process work is if you know who you’re talking to and why they are interested in what you’re sharing.

There’s no point in creating content unless you have a targeted audience you’re addressing.  Luckily in today’s internet age, that’s not really hard to find, if you know how.

Your perfect target audience is online searching google or chatting on Facebook asking for what you’re offering.  Would you like to know how to find them and talk to them in a way they will hear you?

Once you have this audience, you can use this 90 Minute Blitz process to consistently deliver your content.

We have an exact process to help you leverage the internet to bring your message to the right audience.

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To your success, Sharon

P.S.  If you’d like to hear Kate McShea’s entire podcast with these 5 tips, Go Here.

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