What Happens To Neglected Courage, Passion, Faith?

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What Happens To Unused, Unsung, Unexpressed Courage, Passion, Faith?

I was listening to people talk about a huge convention in Las Vegas this weekend.

Tony Robbins was one of the speakers.

He said three things I heard about that are worth repeating:

1. Courage you don’t use gets smaller

2. Passion you don’t express gets weaker.

3. Faith you don’t activate fades.

One of the reasons to get on to live trainings, go to company events, take daily action in your business is to use your courage, express your passion, activate your faith in yourself, your company, your vision.

Every day I write a gratitude journal and I write my goals by hand when I get up in the morning.

This starts my day focused on all the good I already have, and all the good that is coming forward. I write my goals in the present tense, so my brain knows that these things are already on their way to me.

When I don’t make calls for a few days, the phone weighs 400 lbs, but when I’m using my courage consistently daily, the phone is fun and easy.

I am passionate about building a huge team of successful entrepreneurs who live their dreams. Whether in another business you love, or you join me, my purpose is help you break through to the success, the vision you have of the life you want.

Activated Faith is simply allowing that inner knowing that if others have done this, so can you.

When I was a teacher in New York City in the 60’s, I took a few of my inner city children to see the broadway play, “A Raisin In The Sun,” with Ruby Dee and Ossie Davis. The play had a profound effect on all of us. the title came from a Langston Hughes’ poem that I remember as,

“What happens to a dream deferred?
Does it dry up like a raisin in the sun?…
Does it fester like a sore, and just run?…
or does it explode?”

That’s not all of it, but the part that stayed emblazoned in my brain.

This poem, the play, those troubled times in the 1960’s, the stunted lives of the children I taught have haunted me all my life. To this day, I am committed to helping people to live those dreams, play full out.

The last line of the play was, “Don’t Fuck Up.”

Shocking in those days. But simply stated, take this opportunity, go with it, do NOT mess it up.

There are some core principles and skills that I believe any entrepreneur needs.  Determined to get out of my own way, live my passion to help people get free, this one bootcamp gave me that core.  Check out the 10-day Bootcamp.

As an entrepreneur, we get to go the distance and show up in Courage, in Passion, in Faith.

Being at events and meetings isn’t just rah rah nonsense, but a serious activation of the faith that you have chosen the right place at the right time.

This isn’t about blindly tuning out evidence to the contrary, (you may love the product, but if your company is on shaky financial ground as a start-up, or is already in litigation with a competitor, you may want to re-evaluate your choice.)

It’s about holding up inside you the reasons you’ve chosen to be where you are, instead of looking over your shoulder to the next shiny object when the going gets rough.  

Frankly, there are a lot of great companies and great products out there. I have chosen mine because of specific criteria. (Another time we’ll talk about criteria to use to evaluate an opportunity.)

Leaders make decisions and take action quickly…and they are slow to change their minds.

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