Three Keys To Home Business Success

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Success Leaves Clues

No one starts out knowing everything they need to know to get from Point A to Point B…to Point Z.

No one.

So what makes a handful of people successful, while others struggle and most give up?

Success and Successful People follow those clues.  When something doesn’t work, they learn from it. They follow leaders who have carved a path.

–They have a Vision of what’s possible and where they want to go.  They indelibly imprint that vision in their brain, not accepting anything less in their mind’s eye.

–They find out what it takes to get there.  They learn the skills and competencies they are lacking as they do the best they can with what they have.

–They follow a mentor who has accomplished what their goal.



Yes, we need skills.  (The fastest shortcut to getting those skills is having a mentor.)

Yes, we absolutely need to take action.  Massive Action.

And the single biggest variable to your success by far, is WHO ARE YOU BEING?

Your Vision, your reason WHY, your commitment and BEingness is the most important ingredient.

Your skill development, willingness to stretch to BE more, to DO more comes from that.
Then taking massive action becomes a given.

To your Success, Sharon Gist

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