SOS Shiny Object Syndrome

SOS–3 Ways to Spot and Avoid It.

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SOS is known around the world as a distress signal.  In this case, it’s short for “Shiny Object Syndrome,” a very real danger to internet marketers. In this article we’ll look at 3 hidden sources and how to avoid sinking like the Titanic from this marketers’ disease.     By the way, there are many commonly held misinterpretations of SOS, such as Save …

I Resisted Internet Marketing 15 years–BIG Mistake.

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Internet Marketing wasn’t allowed in the first business I joined 15 years ago. I had no clue in a new city, with no experience, how to approach people to invite them to a live guest presentation.  Lord knows how I ended up with a box load of trophies as top recruiter, top producer…none for income, because I didn’t earn much. …