Strategy and 3 Tactics To Achieve Joyful Wealth

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In this post, you’re going to receive the single best Strategy and 3 Tactics to help you achieve your vision of Joyful Wealth.

Have you ever had a conversation that seemed to clarify everything you’d been thinking about? The strategy and tactics that came out of today’s phone call was like that.
This morning a good friend from a past mutual company called.   Christopher is hugely successful in his real estate business, while occasionally scratching his online entrepreneurial itch.
Our ongoing conversation is about true success and wealth from the inside out, Joyful Wealth. Earning significant income matters, and there’s way more.
Chris is smart enough to know that his successful income was not enough to answer a deeper yearning for something money couldn’t buy.  Have you ever met anyone who made ten times what you do and yet didn’t seem satisfied or happy?  Or someone who got more and more stressed out with more success?
Conversely, have you ever met anyone who seemed to have very little, but still seemed to love life and uplift everyone around them?

The truth is, there are miserable millionaires and paupers, as well as happy millionaires and paupers. So money is not really the secret to happiness, whether you have it or you don’t.

The conversation with Christopher is almost never about money per se.  We talk about feeling good about what we’re doing, living stress-free, enjoying the process, and relationships we’re in with family, friends, clients.  Inevitably we talk about habits that support or diminish joyful living in the moment.  He often calls to talk about the impact of making time to meditate.

Today I announced, “I’ve found the secret strategy to true success and getting what we want.”  He laughed and said, he was glad to hear that, as he wanted to share what he’d figured out.  He had the 3 tactics to support that strategy.

You might be asking, “What the heck is the difference between Strategy and Tactics and who cares?”
Before we get to the ultimate strategy, there’s one more aside to mention.  A lot of people say your vision and your goals are the most important aspect of your success.
How many people do you know who set lofty goals? Or others who prefer small manageable goals? And people who speak of having a huge Big Hairy Audacious Vision, versus a small clear vision?
Despite the size or clarity of the Vision, or specific goals, most people just never seem to get anywhere, right?
Having a clear vision of where you’re headed has it’s place and is important.  After all if you don’t know where you’re headed, it doesn’t matter much which road you take to get nowhere. But, in fact, it’s really only about 5% of the process of getting where you want to go.
Let’s say you have a Vision of traveling by car, enjoying the beauty of the United States.  You love the ocean and you love forests.
You may be in Santa Monica, California, planning to meet a friend in Ashland, Oregon.  Now Ashland is a straight shot up Route 5, right over the California border, 671 miles door to door. The route is a 10-12 hour drive including stops, with long stretches of flat farmland and some hills in the distance.  Or you could fly there in about 2 hours.
Because of your vision of traveling by car, you choose the strategy of driving to Ashland to meet your friend, rather than flying.
Your vision includes enjoying the beauty of the United States.  So beyond driving, you create tactics that get you closer to your vision–a specific route to achieve this. You plan a 3 day trip up the coast of California, through the redwood ancient forests.  You still get to Ashland, while traveling by car, soaking in the beauty of the Pacific Northwest.

Vision informs your Why for what you’re doing.
Strategy gives you the What, the general method you choose to accomplish this.
Tactics give you the specific How, the step by step blueprint to get there.

So, now let’s get back to the secret strategy and tactics for true success and getting what we want.

Attraction Marketing Formula

That’s a pretty bold statement because success means different things to each one of us.

What does Success mean to you?  Do you know what you truly want?

If you answered you want to be a millionaire, what does that represent to you?  How would it make you feel? Would it be OK with you to become a millionaire selling drugs or robbing a bank? No?  Then there’s more to it than just making the dollars.
Is Success truly enjoying the work you do, the family relationships, the difference you make with the money you make?  Is it OK to feel like a slave to your job or business, stressed to the max, in order to impress or please everyone else?  Probably not.  How do you want to feel at the end of the day, at the end of your life?
What’s the legacy you want to leave?
So, here’s the Strategy that we stumbled upon, after decades of research, workshops, literally 100’s of $1,000’s of investment in learning.
In order to have true success, our lives must be infused with Love and Gratitude for all that is in it right now.  That means Everything.  That fastest, most direct strategy to reach any vision you have is to lead with the strategy of infusing every thought and action with Love and Gratitude.
So, how do you do that?
My friend, Christopher, shared the tactics to stay in that state that matched mine.
  1.  Meditate, contemplate, envision, embody Love and Gratitude daily, taking dominion over negativity.  That’s a practice, a habit of awareness that is formed over time.
  2.  Eat healthy live food that supports your physical well being.
  3.  Exercise, enlivening the cells of your body.
Seriously?  Yes.  From this mental, spiritual and physical state of being, you are able to create anything you want.
Here’s an example in action:
While driving to meet a new customer and potential partner yesterday, I spoke aloud a prayer of Love and Gratitude.  This filled my body with a feeling of Love, creating a physical vibrational sense of well being, clarity, and trust.  The meeting was graceful and fun, concluding with a small sale and another date set for a larger commitment.

Success Strategy Vibrate Love

As a networker, will that one sale build a million dollar mansion?  Probably not.  But, it could lead to 10 more sales, that could lead to 100 more, that could lead to 1,000 more….
Meanwhile, the day was enormously successful, enriching for us both, and full of unlimited potential.
A lot of people are stuck in the paradigm that it’s hard to make a lot of money.
But in fact, there are a zillion ways to make money.  Think about it.
–Do you remember the Pet-rock craze?
–How about the guy who invented the sleeves for Starbuck’s hot coffee cups?  He made a fortune.
It’s not so much that money making is hard. Think of something fun or something you want more of and find a way to market it to others.  What’s hard is taking that idea from a thought to fruition, while loving your life.
That’s why incorporating this Prime strategy on purpose of feeling Love and Gratitude into your entrepreneurial journey is so important.  Along the way, it’s impossible not to feel successful if you do this.  Feeding your body, mind and soul well are great tactics to stay there.
If you’re struggling, disconnected from your loving and your gratitude, it is unlikely you’ll stay the course to get the results you want.
After 15 years in home business, with my share of ups and downs financially, one thing for sure is that clarity of vision, strategies and consistent tactical actions are essential to achieving success.  Infusing all those with Love and Gratitude creates the environment, the vibration to attract more Love and Gratitude, more success.
Beyond the strategy and tactics above, you also need the knowledge and skills to know how to build your business.  Business is all about helping people to get what they need and want. Knowing how to find that audience and be of service to their needs is crucial to any entrepreneurial venture.

Can you imagine how much smoother your life would be if you had an exact formula to learn how to do that?  The Attraction Marketing Formula gives a step by step blueprint to take you there.

This is the foundation for success in any business that involves people.  Whether it’s a brick and mortar, consulting, online affiliate sales, or network marketing business, you’re going to be involved with people, right?
Imagine people seeking you out for what you’re offering.  What would it be like to attract the perfect audience who wants to do business with you?  See yourself waking up excited, feeling grateful to know you have the resources to take your business to the next level.  Feel the love for everything you’re attracting.
My friend, Ferny Ceballos, who has earned and taught countless others to make 6 and 7-figure incomes, is offering a 10-Day Bootcamp for free to launch you into the Attraction Marketing Formula. He gives a systematic approach to take away any fear of marketing or technology.
It’s your time to create a life infused with Love and Gratitude, attracting to you the business results you’ve always dreamed of.  Click Here to check out the course that made the difference for me.
 To your success, Sharon
p.s.  Enjoy your free 10-Day Bootcamp

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