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Yesterday we talked about the single most important ingredient to any communication:

Have the clear intention that the Purpose is to make someone’s life better.

That is the only purpose of sales.

Wow.  I can hear the chatter in the brain,

“Yeah, right.  I need to pay my rent.
I wouldn’t be in sales, except I need money.
Who are you kidding–everybody’s always trying to sell me something….”

I’m telling you, for me knowing that my purpose was to help make someone’s life better, instead of putting “Sales” in a different category, made it possible for me to continue, truly relishing what I was doing.

Here are 6 steps to help you get out of the way, so you can make someone’s life better with your product or service.

#1   When you’re inviting someone to get information, you first start with a greeting.  Make a connection.  Show interest in the person, while being respectful of their time and the space they’re in.  Did they contact you first?  What is the commonality that started this conversation.  Be sure this is in place before you go any further.  Be sure this is a good time.

#2  Qualify that this person is appropriate for you to work with.

Have a conversation that will discover what they are looking for, what they want, what they need, what they don’t want.  Don’t make assumptions.  Dig deeply to get to the feelings behind the words.  There is no point in going further if there is not a clear match to offer your product or service.

#3  Only when there is that clarity, invite the person to a presentation or to get more information.

When you do that be sure you have a commitment of amount of time and when they’ll do this.  Have a follow-up in place to continue the conversation within 48 hours of the information review.  If someone doesn’t have time to look for another week, I’ll get permission to reconnect before sending the info, so it doesn’t get buried or lost in as-soon-as-itus (see my post about Procrastination, the As-soon-as-itus disease)

#4  Answer all questions and concerns.  

At the appointed time to reconvene, find out what the person liked, any and all questions or concerns before getting into answering them.  After hearing what they liked, I might ask, “Based on the information you have so far, where would you rate your level of interest on a scale of 1-10,” so that I have an idea how open they are to what we’re talking about.  Make sure you fully understand the question, so if, for example, they want to know about the company, find out what they want to know, so you don’t go off on a tangent that hasn’t even entered their mind.  Once you have all the questions, before you answer, ask if there is anything else they would need to know before making a decision.  Then address everything on this list that you have written down

#5  Close to action.  

I didn’t say, “Go in for the kill.”  This is not about closing at the jugular to make a sale.  This is about helping the person to move forward to an action, whether that is to get more information, be complete with the conversation, or to get started as a customer or a partner.  After you have addressed everything on the list, ask again if there is anything else they would need to help them make a decision to move forward, so any hidden concerns can be addressed.  Help the person to take the next step to get started or to have the next step to complete their inquiry process

#6  Set a time to follow-up.  

If they are a new customer, set a time to go over the proper use of the products when they arrive.  If they are a business partner, set up a time in the next 12-24 hours to strengthen their belief in themselves, the company, the vision to go over and accomplish their goals.  If they are neither, get permission to contact them again to check in with them and update them.

These are steps used in sales, but they are also part of any communication that is a dialogue.  The full cycle is a way you demonstrate the person is important to you.

Even if you’re talking about a movie or making a date, or planning a vacation this applies.  How do you feel if someone pays attention to what you’re saying?  How do you feel when you know they haven’t heard a word you said?  How do you feel when feel seen and heard and valued?

Even if you disagree, the relationship is strengthened by the communication.


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To your success, Sharon H Gist

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