No Failure

If You Haven’t Had A Failure, Why Not?

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I mean it.  If you haven’t had a failure, why not?

“The difference between average and exceptional people is how they deal with failure.”  John Maxwell

Maxwell is a leadership expert with a zillion must-read books for anyone in a leadership position.

And he didn’t say IF they fail, or how they AVOID failure, but how they DEAL with failure…

…WHEN it occurs.  It’s not about when or if, but an assumption that you will have failures, so how do you deal with it?

If you are taking action, looking at results, course correcting, you get to Fail Forward, and view all the experience as part of the journey to excellence.  There is no failure unless you quit.  If you learn from everything that doesn’t turn out the way you expected, then you are still moving forward.

Possible reactions:

  1.  I’ll never get this.  Who was I kidding.  I might as well cut my losses and get a job.
  2. I didn’t really want it that much anyway.  (That’s true if you give up that easily.)
  3. He/She/They have all the breaks.  Nothing ever works out for me.
  4. Phew.  That was disappointing, but I think I can figure out what I did wrong, so it will work next time.
  5. Wow.  I’m so grateful to have gotten that lesson at this time.  I love that I keep learning and getting better all the time.  My vision is so clear.  I am unstoppable.

Any entrepreneur who expects to be in business a year, 5 years from now, is going to need to look at their own reactions to a failure.

I’ve been in home businesses for 15 years now.  I had a slow learning curve that left me $50,000 in credit card debt, but I was in step 4, trusting that I could figure it out.  Sure enough, my next direct sales venture was reasonably successful, yielding 100’s of $1,000’s…before the owners fell out and the company fell apart.

Frankly, I felt awful and it took me awhile to really pick myself up again.  But the fear of failure again was way more damaging than the actual collapse of that company.  I was more tentative, less committed, more self judging.

I finally took stock and moved forward with the clarity of my vision, the hindsight of my failures and now I am totally operating from step 5, grateful for allllll of what happens, including the mis-steps.

Didn’t it take Thomas Edison something like 10,000 tries to make a lightbulb?  When asked how it felt to fail so many times, his answer was, “I didn’t fail ever–I learned 9,999 ways not to make a lightbulb.”

What have you been afraid to take action on because you’re afraid to screw it up?

Make the choice to just DO IT, and learn from the experience.

Accept the probability that the first time it won’t necessarily go as you planned.  Expect the best.  And accept the worst.

Do it anyway.  Fail Forward, love yourself, love the process, be grateful for it all.

Let me know what you decided to take action on today and what you learned from it.

To your success, Sharon

P.S.  I was listening to the Daily Dose of Awesome today and my friend/ mentor Ferny Ceballos was having a conversation about this subject with Vitaly, copywriter extraordinaire.  If you want to accelerate your learning curve, check this out.

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