If You Don’t Show Up…

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If You Don’t Show Up…

…You Miss The Boat

…I can’t help you

…the wedding’s over

…someone else got the prize.

Seriously, 90% of winning at anything is to show up.  That may seem simplistic, but how many times have you not shown up for yourself in your life?

I admit it.  It can seem scary to consistently show up.

It would be so easy to start out writing 5 days a week, and then just fizzle out.

There are a zillion excuses.

–Does anyone read it anyway?

–Does it make a difference?

–Can I make a difference?

–I ran out of ideas.

–I don’t feel like it.

–Blah, blah, blah….

Dang, making videos consistently is even harder.  (I don’t promise them daily, but at least consistently once, twice, three times a week.)

Terror.  Can I keep this up?  Maybe I shouldn’t even start.  It’s easier in a way to show up for other people, but this is MY dream, MY life, MY choice.

SHOW UP!  For others, yes.  For yourself, imperative.

How many times have you been promised the moon by some guru who fizzled after a week, or a month?

There are some people out in internet land that I have never purchased from, but know that I will someday, simply because of their consistency.  I sign up on lists often, realize I am not interested in the offer, and then I opt out.  But if I still see that person 6 months or a year or 5 years later…you can believe that I will pay more attention when I opt in again.

I currently work with a group of 7 figure earning mentors that I have known for over 10 years.  I wasn’t looking for what they offered then, but when I was ready to really learn, it was easy to choose these guys.  They have proven themselves in the marketplace and Show Up over and over.  Click Here for a video to see what I mean.

I have been in home businesses for 15 years now, so a lot of people do know me by osmosis.

It’s not enough to be likable, though.

What’s more important is that I show up.
If you show up, you can count on me to show up and be there.

97% of businesses fail.  I suspect 99% of online businesses fail.

The people who fail to achieve their dreams, though,
are the people who give up on them and stop showing up.

A part of me wants to say, it’s not their fault.  They were promised the moon and were delivered a dump truck full of garbage.  They didn’t know what to do.  They didn’t know how to show up to get results.

So, what makes the difference that others DO achieve those dreams, despite the crumby delivery?

They have such clarity of vision, that no matter how many failures, disappointments, naysayers, they keep on SHOWING UP.
They will find the right mentor, the skills, the resources because they show up, no matter what.

They say ICAN…and keep on.  They show up.

CANI stands for Constant And Never-ending Improvement.

My eyes turn it into I CAN:  Improvement, Constant And Never-ending.

If I fall down, I will get myself back up, without fail.  I course correct.  My plans change.  But I show up and keep on going.  I tell the truth to myself and others.  I show up so that I am accountable and can be counted upon.  I do what I ask others to do.

Failure to me is if I no longer show up.  Somehow, though, wherever I am, there I am, so I might as well choose to show up in my dream, my desire, my vision, rather than by default losing.

Tell me if this makes any sense you in the comments below.

I really want to know how you Show Up in your life and how I can help you get where you want to go more directly.

To your success, Sharon H Gist

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