If Wednesday is “Hump Day” For You, Then…

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…Then I really encourage you to re-evaluate what you are doing for a living.

Seriously,  are you making a living or making a Life?

I know.  Entrepreneurism is NOT for everyone.  It’s hard, can be lonely, full of uncertainties.

We have been brought up in the American culture to go to school, get a good job, or learn a trade.

Work 40 hours per week, for 40 years, then retire on 40% of the income.


I don’t know about you, but I never questioned that plan until I had been eagerly doing that and I doubled the hours, traveled to 67 cities in less than 3 months to grow the company, and collapsed in exhaustion, in my 30’s.

I have been more fortunate than many people because I have always loved my work and changed careers when it was time.  I wasn’t stuck in the 40-40-40 paradigm.  Prior to that job I was an elementary school teacher in NYC.  I was so uncomfortable as a teacher, even though I was tenured, with a job for life, a retirement actually available in 20 years, I risked starting over and breaking that mold.

As a teacher, I earned 1/5 of the income I did later, and hated Sunday because I dreaded Monday.  I loved Wednesday because it was “Hump Day,” only two more days to the weekend.  What I hated most about teaching was feeling like there was no beginning, middle, end.  I always worried about the low income, poorly prepared children and their families.  I felt interminably inadequate, even though I created revolutionary programs that still exist.

I left teaching, knowing that I wouldn’t return.  I planned to become a counselor, so I could better prepare children to handle what life through at them, so they could be fortified and make better choices.  I couldn’t change the whole system in my youthful enthusiasm, but I could help one child, one family at a time.

I took a summer job typing and let myself be sidetracked for another 15 years.

My job was a relief, no  matter how many hours I worked, because I didn’t feel like I was responsible for an impossible task to transform the school system, to change the future for these children.

I loved learning and growing into a respected analyst.  I loved the prestige of my job and my expense account.  I loved knowing my income was dependent on my production…and I doubled it year after year.  I loved feeling like an important part of growing the company from $3 million to $17 billion when we sold it.  I loved feeling like I could learn and accomplish anything I set my mind to.

My Job, building that company was a sidetrack that fascinated me.  For as long as it did.  When I collapsed physically, I had to re-evaluate and remembered my deeper vision of helping children and families navigate life’s challenges.

So, I got another degree and became a Licensed Counselor.

My point in this story was that once I left teaching, I left the paradigm.  People thought I was crazy.  I knew it was right.

I used to joke that I had time and no money; then money and no time; and ended up with no time or money, but I had a life.

In fact, as a home based business entrepreneur I have no limits of time, money, or lifestyle, except those imposed by myself and the start-up constraints.  I LOVE the process of learning, creating, growing from the inside out.

I love that I truly help families navigate life’s challenges, giving tools, resources, and unlimited potential financial reward.

Nope, it’s not easy fast money.  It’s not an easy risk-free 9-5, with a pension at the end.

(But, frankly, how many people do you know that have worked for years for a company that collapsed, or laid them off before that pension?  It’s a myth that you can go to school, get a good job or trade, and never worry about your future.)

And, I never celebrate “Hump Day,” as I love every minute of every day of my life.

To your success, Sharon Gist

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