I Resisted Internet Marketing 15 years–BIG Mistake.

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Internet Marketing wasn’t allowed in the first business I joined 15 years ago.

I had no clue in a new city, with no experience, how to approach people to invite them to a live guest presentation.  Lord knows how I ended up with a box load of trophies as top recruiter, top producer…none for income, because I didn’t earn much.  (The only one I kept for years was, Most Valuable Player, that I really felt like I earned just before I left that company.)

Whatever I did, including 14 hour days, was excruciating and totally not duplicatable.

Some people started to get around the internet rule by advertising for a tangential product we offered that had nothing to do with the main business.  That felt sleazy to me.

My mentor in the next company that I loved until it fell apart told me to purchase opportunity seeker leads and call them all back.  The majority of these leads were totally unqualified or uninterested.  They’d been called by 3-10 other opportunities unless I got to them in the first hour.  However, there were enough that were qualified that I still made a lot of money.

Many of the leaders, including my mentor, figured out that there had to be a better way to get qualified leads to reach out to them.  They became internet marketers and built huge lists.  When someone said no to this opportunity, they still had that list and could market other products that were related to business building and grow that relationship.

I resisted this learning curve.  Big mistake.  I admit it now.


All of the 7 figure earners in that company went that route.  And, when the company fell apart, they still had their list.  They had branded themselves and people were following them.  So when they re-grouped with their next thing, they had an initial contact list to get them out of the gate.  And they knew how to develop and continue growing that list.

OK, I didn’t totally resist.  I was just realllly uncomfortable, felt stupid, and like a dinosaur.  So, I started and stopped, never gaining mastery.  

Most of my life I have felt pretty smart. It was part of my identity to feel smart.  I would dabble at something like pay per click advertising on google, (you know-those ads on the side when you look something up).  One day I used the keyword The Secret and blew $2,500 in an hour.  Ouch.

I spent $5,000 to go to Atlanta to an exclusive private intensive class to learn from an expert how to make a website capture page and build my list.  It was so foreign to me that I didn’t really implement what I learned. (He was an affiliate marketer, not in a network marketing company.)  I hired someone to make me a webpage.  But I still had no idea how to get traffic to the page.  I had no principles, no foundation, no real clue how to market.

It was like flailing in the dark.  I’d figure something out, and the tactic would change.  

I didn’t realize there were principles of Attraction Marketing that don’t change that I could learn, that people could duplicate.

Frankly, I just felt very old, frustrated, terrified of technology, and hopeless that I could help others.  So I always went back to purchasing leads and working twice as hard as my 7-figure earning friends.

Principles don’t change.  Strategies can be mastered.  Tactics change faster than I-Phones.  I had been stuck in Tactics, with no direction for strategies or principles.

When I found a network company that has all the criteria I was seeking, before I recruited another person, I was determined to do it right.  I knew that I wanted to lead a team of 1,000’s that were reaching their goals, including 6 and 7 figure incomes if that’s what they wanted.

This time I was determined to have a system in place that anyone could master that included traditional network marketing methods and the internet, to fit the needs of the team.

In order to do that, I had to be willing to get uncomfortable and find mentors to systematically teach me internet marketing. I started with the Attraction Marketing Formula 10-Day bootcamp and course, but immediately enrolled in the Elite Marketing Pro VIP program, to once and for all have guidance to learn the principles, strategies, and the tactics that are working now.

While going through this state of the art training, I could also share it with others and use those earnings to pay marketing expenses.  I had proven capture pages at my disposal, so I could learn to drive traffic, and compare those results with any capture pages that I created.  I had all the technology done for me and templates to grow with.  For a fraction of what I had wasted chasing shiny objects and doing this or that, I had everything I needed in one place…and I was being mentored by 7 and even 8 figure earners in network marketing.

Do you have to use the internet to build a 6 figure business from home?  Of course not.  Can you do it strictly on the internet without every having real conversations and building real relationships?  Nope.  That is a myth too of the get rich quick schemers.

I’m loving building with old school ways.  And, I’m loving knowing that I can point people to all the training they need to be successful, whether or not they want to make the effort to build an online marketing list.  I joke that I’m a dinosaur.  And, I’m proud to say that I have joined the 21st century.  I’m grateful to have mentors and peers with proven success.

I’m grateful to be able to lead from the front to help my team.

Here’s what I’ve learned in the last 15 years:

  1. There are many effective ways to build a successful network marketing business and generate leads for it.
  2. The internet is here to stay.  Used properly, internet marketing can accelerate results.
  3. Network marketing is a people business and building relationships is essential, whether you start online or not.
  4. If I want to teach people to build as big a business as they want, then I need to do what the 7- and 8-figure earners do.

As Eric Worre says (author of Go Pro), “Network Marketing isn’t perfect, but it is a better way.”  There is no other place that I know of that someone can start from zero at 70-years old and get to $1,000,000 within a reasonable time, still able to enjoy it, except in network marketing or online affiliate marketing.

Write a comment below and let me know if you’re using the internet to build your business or not.  How can I be of assistance to you?

To your success, Sharon

P.S.  Be sure to pick up your free 10-day Bootcamp with Elite Marketing Pro.  You’ll have your own personal 1:1 Ignition Coach to get you launched properly.

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