How is Network Marketing Like Learning to Ride a Bike?

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Did you quit after your first…Bike Ride Fall? So, what’s the difference with network marketing?

Of course not. You knew you could learn how to do it and you wanted it enough that you kept on persevering.

If you’re a network marketer, do you feel like quitting sometimes?

Statistically, most people do. What makes you get back up, dust yourself off and keep going?

Here’s a quick story about learning to ride a bike. My sister was my teacher for most things. She is 4 years older. (There were 6 of us originally, but Vici was the one I stuck to like glue.)

When I was 3 and she was 7, she decided to teach me how to ride her bike. It was way to big for me. She was having fun demonstrating how, then putting me on the bike and watching me fall down. I couldn’t reach the pedals unless I stood up, which is a rather advanced skill for a new bike rider…certainly a 3 year-old.

Needless to say, after a day of this torture, I gave up, even though periodically Vici would try to teach me again. Finally when I was 7, my father repainted her scratched up bike red and white and gave it to me for Christmas, while she got a brand new bigger bike. I was terrified and excited at the same time. It took me 3 years, but I finally learned how to ride that bike.

This came to mind this morning thinking about network marketing and home based businesses.

  1. Most people need a coach, a leader who has been there, fallen down, gotten up…and demonstrates that it is worth the effort.
  2. If you don’t have a reason WHY that is compelling for YOU, (not your mentor only), chances are you won’t keep going when you fall down a few times…and you WILL fall down.
  3. The only way to learn how to get your balance riding a bike is to do it. Telling you that it’s just a matter of getting your balance and continuing is not going to teach you how. You will fall down. You will learn to get your balance, but you still might fall down when you put on the brakes. Your momentum doesn’t instantly translate to success for you or your teammates.
  4. You need a certain amount of momentum…and it’s easier the faster you go. Momentum still needs to be fueled. The faster you go, the harder you fall if you lose it.
  5. Like riding a bike, network marketing is not that hard, once you know what you’re doing. and there are some basics you need. Most of it you learn by doing and you feel what’s working and what isn’t. If you judge yourself and your process it will take you a whole lot longer than it has to. When I didn’t trust my mentor, or the message we were delivering, or the quality of the products (first MLM experience I had), it was harder and harder as those things piled up.

I stayed with that first experience long enough to discern what was going on and to gain enough success that I knew I could do it if I chose to. then found a different experience that felt easier by comparison. I had grown into fitting the bike, so to speak.

I listened to my 7 figure earning mentor and followed her million dollar prescription for success…to achieve multiple 6 figures, before that company collapsed. And I had to grow up some more to discern how to find the right place to build for real.

The good thing about being a newbie, is that you don’t have too much baggage dragging you down. However, when you have the clarity of what doesn’t work for you; what you want a business for; what you want to be earning and accomplishing; what kind of company and mentoring fits your style, then you can lock arms with the right support to get you there.

If you have not yet achieved your network marketing vision for yourself, or you aren’t clear about that vision, I can help you with a free coaching session…and help you leave the session with clarity, focus, tools to get you there.

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