Does Your Self-Image Hurt Your Business?

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Is Your Self-Image Healthy, Helping Or Hurting Your Business?

You may not have thought before that how you see yourself is affecting how you move forward in your business.

Do you get up in the morning and look in the mirror and see

Good looking, smiling, confidence?

Fat, grumpy, wanting to go back to bed?

How you see that mirror image, how you treat that mirror image is going to affect how you interact with people.

We grow up with airbrushed images of models and hunky men subliminally imprinting on us body images that we never match.  In order to have a healthy sense of ourselves we need to be told as children that we’re smart, beautiful, capable, but many of us were not.

What surface things do you use as an excuse or a reason to block you from being out in the world or workplace more confidently?

Your weight?
Your hair?
Your clothes?

Do you rebel against it all with body piercings and ragged attire, or tight fitting clothes?

When I was about 5 my sister used to tease me, singing, “Fatty fatty two by four, couldn’t get through the bathroom door.”  I wasn’t the slightest bit fat, but that was the only feedback I received about what I looked like.  All my life I struggled with that image, even though I didn’t really get overweight until I was in my 50’s.

I have another self-image I carry with me when I’m about to address a group, or go into a meeting:

I was in my 30’s, wearing a simple white sleeveless dress, with big black buttons going up to a V neck collar, with a wide black belt and flared skirt.  I’m sitting on front of a golf cart like a queen, being chauffered around the golf course in Scottsdale, the good luck charm for this group of men.  I was the only woman at a Banker’s Association meeting, the queen of the ball.  I was beautiful, sassy, smart, and capable enough that I was the only outsider and the only woman who had been invited.

I admit it.  I have to work on loving my self-image and remembering that who I am is way bigger, more important, and more valuable than having that perfect body I had but never appreciated enough.  I remind myself of my courage, persistence, faith, my clarity of purpose, my vision, my extraordinary aliveness and open vulnerable heart…at almost 70, I make a tremendous difference.

It’s harder now to drop the pounds, to dance for hours, to stay up until 3 am.  My health is important.  It’s a game to me to drop excess fat, but more for health than to feel worthy for an appointment or an invitation.

I KNOW that what I offer to prospective clients is so valuable, that my confidence comes from the strength of that and my experience…not from sex appeal.

I appreciate the vulnerability of showing up to attract the perfect people to business and sort through those who are willing to grow into what they need to be to be a successful entrepreneur.  We can help or hurt ourselves with our self image and how we treat ourselves.  We can also help ourselves by getting the right mentors to lead the way.  There’s a special going on right now with Attraction Marketing.  I encourage you to get your 10-day bootcamp trial right now.

To your success, Sharon

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