Does Jargon Drive You Nuts? 3 Hints

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For months I used to think that LOL meant Lots of Love.

Texting jargon.  Internet jargon.  Personal Development course jargon.  It’s out there, making people either embrace it, reject it, or allow themselves to feel excluded by it.

ROFL, LMAO, SYT…I finally read an online dictionary to figure some of the more common ones.

(Rolling on the floor laughing, Laughing my ass off, See you tomorrow…)

I was once told I should use Subject lines like that to get people’s attention to open my email out of curiosity.  My sister bristles when she sees one in my FB feed.

I have to update this new blog already, and I need to figure out what an API code is and how to generate it.  I LOVE this!

In fact, it’s important to be aware of the audience I want to address.  
I know I can’t be all things to all people.

I don’t expect texting teenagers particularly to relate to me.

We all have time constraints, so the point of the blog is not to chatter, but to offer useful information, back and forth discussions of what works and what doesn’t.

Today I offered a tech tip in my video that was life changing when someone showed me to do it.  

Do you ever lose your passwords or usernames, or forget special log in info to sites you don’t remember?  I used to laboriously write it all down, but never be able to keep track for real.  Or write emails and put them in files (but that didn’t feel safe either).

That was until someone showed me the simple tool of using Notepad and making a text note to save the data.
(I think there is something similar on an Apple, but a different name.)

Here’s my 3 Hints for today:

1.    Whether or not you consider yourself tech savvy, if you’re going to operate in today’s environment outside of a cocoon, it is useful to learn some basic online proficiency, data storage, and admit that language has changed drastically in the last 60 years.  You Tube videos are one of my favorite clear sources for learning how to do things.

Every time I feel uncomfortable learning something new, I remind myself that I choose to be vibrant, engaged in society, and love working a business from home.  It amazes me how many Americans in a foreign country hang out with Americans and never learn the language.  Similarly there are immigrant groups in the U.S. that stay together and avoid learning English.

I feel like anything that narrows my world, takes away from that vibrancy.

2.  Know who your target market is that you want to be around.  Speak directly to that person.  I certainly don’t dismiss the under 35 world out there, but I know my marketing message, style, business model would have to be very different for them.  I also do not necessarily want to limit myself to retired senior citizens.

There are a zillion people like me who are semi-retired, want more juice in their life, want more retirement funds to give, to play to create with, people who want to leave a legacy, without stressing over the corporate ladder that is so crowded.

The word I use is Legacy.  We leave a legacy of vibrant life or fizzling out.  Fizzling out is just not for me or the people who are reading this blog.

3.  Find a mentor or mentors to support you at whatever stage of growth and learning you’re in.  I’ve literally spent upwards of $200,000 on mentors, classes, educating myself over the years.  Ongoing education and mentoring is vital to me.

I have inexepensive internet marketing geniuses I work with now, as I recognized I was all over the place trying to figure it out on my own.    Click here to meet them–they even have a free Ignition coaching program to get you out of the gate.

Even if I didn’t have a primary business that I’m growing, I would be wanting to delve into this world of the internet.  My business gives ongoing residual income for life, but more than that, it gives me a family, a vehicle to express myself and build a true legacy I’m proud of.  It’s  a home as I get older.  (Leave me a comment or message me in Facebook if you’d like to know more about joining my primary team.)

Use it or lose it.  I am always growing new neural pathways in my brain.  I love that science has finally figured out that neural plasticity, and quantum field phenomena are real.

To your success, Sharon H Gist

P.S.  If this nearly 70 year old techno dinosaur can do this, I promise you can too.

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