Do You Want To Run When You Hear, “Make a list?”

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When someone starts out in network marketing, they are usually asked to make a list of everyone they know.

They end up calling all their friends and family in their new enthusiasm, before they’ve had any training, and getting shot down quickly by them.

The reason the failure rate is so high in MLM, is that people make 3 -5 phone calls like that and give up. Maybe they make 10 phone calls. They might actually find 2 people to join them, but then those people quit after 3-5 phone calls, and the first one quits.

As I’ve said before, anyone who tells you to just join their business and you’ll be sipping pina coladas on the beach, raking in the dough, without any effort on your part is wasting your time…and their own time too.

It IS important to have the vision of the dream you are heading toward. It IS important to believe that if you do x,y,z, you can reasonably expect to have results.

For example, if you had demonstrated proof of the cure for …[whatever disease or condition], wouldn’t you feel ridiculous not telling people you knew who were suffering from that? If you found a new restaurant or movie that you thought was amazing and even found a way to go for less money, wouldn’t you want to share that information? And if the person, didn’t go to the cheapy movie or the great restaurant, you wouldn’t take it personally. The next time you went, you might invite them to join you. If they didn’t like it, you still wouldn’t take it personally.

When I started out, I was in a new town and knew no one. I was given no instruction other than to make that infamous list. The idiot (sorry), but the idiot who was supposedly training me, told me not to stop going to a university where I had been in service for 10 years and considered a leader, because he wanted me to attend his meeting every single time. That could have been a resource for leads. I had actually moved to this city to continue my service.

However, there is a systematic way to approach people that doesn’t require you to be some super salesman or have encyclopedic information about your company. McDonald’s can be run by teenagers because it has a system. A McDonald’s owner goes to McDonald’s University and learns that system inside out, so he can train his employees. He’s made a sizable investment (I think it’s a couple million dollars, with a commitment to buy more franchises), so he is highly motivated to learn that system.

Most MLM companies have a very low investment–people might spend $0-50 to be a distributor or affiliate, and then buy a product purchase of $300-$1,000. The direct sales company I earned the most money in, allowed us to sell their products if we had purchased them, so to be able to earn the highest commissions, I spent $20,000…and earned 100’s of $1,000’s, but no real residual income.

I moved back into traditional network marketing with a low start-up cost because I knew that every single person who joined me would get the value of my stellar products, while also having the opportunity, if they chose to do the work, to build a life-time residual income that could be sold, willed, and passed on to the next generation.

I knew that I could give them the training for success, and the company I had chosen had a proven track record, with over 100 millionaires in less than 6 years, as well as impeccable leadership.

With belief in the company, training that gave me belief in myself, with a systematic approach that gave me belief that any person who joined me could have duplicatable results, you better believe that the List was something I eagerly built and added to daily.  Without any of that support, I my mind would have been blank.

And, at the same time, I am so glad I found reliable internet marketing training resources to keep that list growing beyond my meager sphere of influence.  I also know that a lot of other network marketers who love their companies can use that marketing support.  No matter what I can make a difference.

The fastest way to get out of the gate in a new business is to make that list…and work with an upline to approach people correctly.  Done right, there is no rejection, no bad feelings, even if it’s not right for someone.

Ongoing, one needs to have a reliable way to attract leads to you to keep on growing your business.  There are lots of ways to do marketing, but in this day and age, mastering internet marketing is a laser beam for you.

This article is well worth a read:

I’ll be adding my two cents about it during the week.

To your success, Sharon

P.S.  I encourage you to get your foundation with the Attraction Marketing Formula too.

P.P.S.  Write a comment below on your experience with creating a list when you got started.

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