As Entrepreneur, Do You Pause, Or Work 24/7?

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Did You Become An Entrepreneur To Trade Your Job For 24/7 Work?


Yet, many people find themselves doing that.

What I have discovered in my 15 years in home business, is that people are looking to reduce their stress, increase their time freedom, earn more money.

And yet, when they start out, there’s a new learning curve, start-up expenses, and the stress of the unknown.  Most people quit.

It’s unfair if someone sells you on the dream of the laptop on the beach lifestyle, without also telling you that success comes with a certain amount of effort, time, money, and enormous passion for what you’re creating.

In my experience, I loved the children when I taught, but I hated the school system, and feeling like I couldn’t make a dent, so I stressed about it 24/7.  I was very young.

Wall St., by comparison was a piece of cake.  I often worked until 2 am, but when I left, it was done.  Late night “Work” often consisted of partying with clients, having drinks or dinner or taking a visitor to a Broadway show.  I traveled all over the country and stayed in the finest hotels.

However, when I went to 67 cities in less than 3 months and my body collapsed, I realized this was getting very old.  Once I was sleep walking on the 47th floor of a hotel and would have walked out the window if it hadn’t been sealed.  I was so disoriented that I had no idea where I was.

Compared to the stress of teaching, I loved it.  I loved learning and growing and I loved doubling my income every year.  I had more freedom than many in corporate America, as I could plan trips to coincide with visits to family and friends.  I took time off around holidays.

When I was a teacher, I ran away to sunny islands 3 or 4 times a year to read, write, regain some sanity.  When I was on Wall St., I never went on “Vacations” because I felt no need or desire for extra travel.

When I needed to recover physically from the Wall St. life, I found myself going inward and remembering my dream of helping the children navigate the world.  I became a Licensed Professional Counselor and worked with sexually abused children and their families.  I loved having a private practice that I balanced with children and adults, working about 20 hours per week out of my home.  I earned enough for my needs, nothing like my Wall St days.

I loved this work too.  And, I felt like I was hiding, too young to retire this way, and challenged myself by becoming an entrepreneur, buying the dream of helping 1,000’s of people, making millions of dollars.

I was enrolled with the promise of only $100 to start and I would be making money in 3 months.  But, once there, I was told to work 24/7 for 10 years and then I could relax with the millions.  I was over 50 years old.  I didn’t want to work harder than I ever had before.  It was the outright lie that I objected to.  I stayed to prove I could do it.  When I proved I could build a team, succeed if I wanted, I went to another company that was direct sales, with no residual, but I got paid for my efforts and loved what I was doing.

By comparison, it was easier to me.

With my new company, we traveled the world attending personal development seminars in beautiful resorts, and I got paid handsomely to get other people to join.

In other words, we want to do something that is easier for us to do than what we had been doing before.  I tend to be very loyal, so I was devastated when that company imploded.  I had not planned to move.  Even though I spent much of what I earned on the company, I loved it…but didn’t have a back up plan or marketing skills I could have been accumulating.  I was still fundamentally thinking like an employee, not an entrepreneur.  (If I had had the Attraction Marketing Formula, or My Lead System Pro in those days, I would have learned the entrepreneurial skills I was missing.)

What’s my point?

Even though I spent a fortune buying leads and only really earned a profit when someone bought into higher programs, it felt easier to me than the first company that was set up for only a handful out of 1,000’s to earn even 6 figures.  I was in the top 100 of 15,000 people, and my best year in that first company, I earned less than $15,000.  I earned that my first month in my second company.

So, if you’re working 60 hours per week on a back breaking job earning an hourly wage, a home business will seem way easier and be worth the learning curve.

If you’re working the kind of Wall St pressure I had, with 80 hour work weeks, no time for family or a life of your own, even at $200,000/ year, the price becomes too high, and a home business could be attractive to you.

If you are used to working 40 hours per week, with your brain turned off, and the rest of the time your own, even though your income is not quite enough, it takes a major shift in your mindset to get uncomfortable, turn on your brain, go to work for yourself.  The rewards are enormous.  And the work is still there.

Most people start their business part-time, while they have their income from their jobs.  They use up some of that free time, until they are making enough supplemental to quit their job.  Then that part-time income seems substantial compared to the 40 hours they had been giving up to a boss.  Once you have the bug, once you allow yourself the vision of possibility, once you know what’s possible, you WANT to work extra hours to catapult yourself forward.

I love that my current company has made 112 multimillionaires in less than 6 years.  I love that at 70 years old, with a lot of initial effort, within a few years (not 10) I will be one of those–and I get to do this helping other people choose in to a better life.

Could I retire?  Sure.  But what more exciting adventure could I come up with than helping 1,000’s of others to build a life, while I build a legacy for my family and the world?

This time I’m doing it right.  I’m partnered with masters and building the modern internet skills necessary to attract the right people to me.  This seems sooo much easier than anything I’ve done before.  It’s not really.  But by comparison it is.  Nothing happens if I don’t do my part.  I can’t buy a course on marketing and expect to master it if I don’t read it and implement it.  I can’t build a team just by thinking about it.  But, I can follow my mentors.  I can study and implement.  I can choose my attitude, behavior, and habits I cultivate.  I can love my customers.  I can love my team.  I can love my family.

Don’t kid yourself that you can become an entrepreneur, sip pina coladas on the beach, while money pours in to your bank account, without any effort on your behalf.

On the other hand, you’re efforting anyway at something, so why not do it for yourself?  You still have the same 24 hours per day.  You have to carve out some of that for your business.  You have to do it on purpose.  The only way you will sustain that effort is to build it on purpose, reward yourself along the way, and have a dream so big you love every minute you’re building it.

Yes, reward yourself along the way.  I like to go to a movie Friday afternoon…or sit and read a novel…or go for a hike somewhere different.  I take time to do my inner work in the morning and go for a walk.  But if I haven’t completed my studying, or non-conversational work, I can do that at night.  I set my own hours.  But I set them.

Can you think of any job I could do, even with all my education, training, and background, that it would be possible to conceive that I could earn $1,000,000 in a year within the next few years…or ever?  I can’t.

And the beauty, is that anyone, with no education, no franchise fee, could invest themselves in learning the skills and purchasing products they want…to achieve financial freedom in time to enjoy it.  And, enjoy the journey along the way.

I don’t do anything anymore in my life that I don’t want to do.  Even when it’s hard, I am loving the process.

If you can’t say that, maybe we should have a conversation.

To your success, Sharon


p.s.  If you’re drawn to this blog, I suspect you’ve been around the block a little.  You may want it but question if YOU can succeed.  The answer is YES.  The first thing I recommend is that you take the free 10-day bootcamp and consider learning some basic marketing skills.  If you have a business already this will help you get leads on a daily basis.  If you don’t have a business, this will help you earn a little cash, while you discover the perfect vehicle for you.  Let me know if you want to play with me.

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