Are You Excited?

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ARE You Excited?

Seems like a simple question, but I really mean it.

I woke up today so excited to play with my new blog for you and start giving you daily content that will change your life forever, if you are serious about making some changes.  Even if you’re NOT serious yet, but are leaning into the possibility of change, this blog will help you get excited about your life as it is, or clearly start taking action to make changes.

You can borrow my excitement for as long as you need to.

I have been around the block a few times.  There are a lot things that I may be learning side by side with you.  And, my enthusiasm, my clarity of vision, my excitement, my belief in you and me is unwavering. So, I am in the process of learning some of the geeky tech stuff I don’t know.

Let me explain.   I’m a bit of a dinosaur.

You’ll hear a lot of rags to riches stories on the internet.  My story kind of goes the other way.  I have 2 masters degrees.  I had 2 successful careers, including  helping to build a company from $3 million to $17 billion in corporate America. But in that process, I had no time, no life, and nearly died from the toll it took on my body.

That’s when I got my second M.A. and created my own successful business living semi-retired as a counselor.  I loved all of it.  And, I wanted to make a bigger difference.

So, the fourth time I started over in a home based business I created massive debt and struggled for years.

Even when I had success, earning 100’s of $1,000’s, I felt awful when others didn’t match that success, and even worse when the company imploded.  I actually lost everything, including my homes and the retirement I had built.  So, I was starting over with the nothing that many people I meet are starting with.

My dinosaur brain resisted learning to use technology.  It took me a long time to recover.

I never lost my vision to help myself and 1,000’s of others to break free of limitation and live their dreams.  I decided to truly harness the power of home business and technology, building a team of entrepreneurs, and leading the way for you and everyone who plays with me.

 I know of no other way to go from nothing to true residual income for life…and I will show you the way.

I won’t let the technology stop me from being of service to you.  I won’t let the technology stop me from helping you build your vision, your team (if you have or want one), your financial freedom, your legacy.

So, it may take a few days for this to get beautiful.  Meanwhile, I don’t want to wait to start delivering content for you.

As a matter of fact, my promise to you is, that dinosaur or not, I am in the process of mastering technology as a useful tool and share with you the resources I have.  Techniques and tools change all the time, but principles are timeless.  And with or without technology, real relationships with real people come first.

Check out my About Me page to see who I am.  Friend me on my personal Facebook, and Like my business page.

Have an awesome first day of the rest of your life.  I am honored and privileged to be on this journey with you.

To your success, Sharon H Gist

P.S.  If you want to learn from my multiple 6 and 7 figure earning mentors, watch this video.  I became a VIP, but I love that there’s a $1 Trial to meet them.

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